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Biologically active food supplement preventing osteoporosis.


Medical cooling hydrogel to relieve symptoms of Chicken pox

Nasaval plus

Nasal spray all natural blend of cellulose, peppermint and odour controlled wild garlic that is clinically proven to provide fast acting protection from airborne germs. Trasferred to the company Zambon/


Nasal spray against hay fever and airborne allergens with a revolutionary cellulose powder allergy management system which shields and protects the sensitive lining of the nose Transferred to the company Zambon

Several innovative products are being registered

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From 2009 Pharmaval successfully presents on Russian pharmaceutical market a range of European highly effective products. Today our registered and promoted product portfolio includes POXCLIN – coolmousse for chickenpox symptoms relief, FEELWELL – food supplement for osteoporosis prevention. In 2009 two nasal powder sprays – NASAVAL (for flu & colds prevention) and NASAVAL PLUS (antiallergenic) – were launched on the Russian market. Later these two products were transferred to Italian pharmaceutical manufacturer Zambon. Besides, Pharmaval provides a wide range of services for those, who need professional assistance in launching or developing pharmaceutical business in Russia, CIS and Eurasian Economic Union.

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